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Posted On: Feb 6, 2015 at 11:26am MST

The latest version of the ArtFire Shop Merchandiser is available for use in Webstores as well as by all Legacy sellers.  You can find the Merchandiser under the Studio tab in your My ArtFire control panel.  

If you’re not sure how everything works, the Merchandiser Help Guide gives a brief overview of the settings and functionality of the new Merchandiser. 

Things worth knowing:

  • The Merchandiser will affect which images are shown in the Visual Catalog.  As long as your shop display order is set to “Merchandised” the product in position #1 for each section will be the product image used for that section in the Visual Catalog.  
  • Because shops now use a masonry layout for products (the Pinterest style) there will be cases where products appear out of order.  If you use the same dimensions for all of your product images, you’ll see much fewer cases of out-of-place items. 
  •  The Merchandiser takes longer to load for shops with large inventories, if it takes more than a few minutes or simply doesn’t load for you please let us know.