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Posted On: Feb 26, 2015 at 2:26pm MST

We are evolving the Shop and Item pages on ArtFire with a new layout that includes some major changes:

  • New lighter color theme on shop and item pages. The shade of orange was a frequent complaint, white should be more neutral and hopefully less offensive.  

  • Permanent catalog on pages when there’s room.  Buyers on desktop or larger tablets will see an always present catalog list (when enabled) on the left side of shops and items.  The exception is on the Visual Catalog page (when that’s enabled).

  • Larger selection of “Items from CurrentSeller” and a list of similar items on item pages.  This gives buyers more opportunity to continue shopping with a seller without needing to use other navigation links or the back button. 

  • Seller feature at the top of item pages.  Previously, most of the item pages had the bulk of seller information in the footer section.  Now item pages also have a seller feature at the top of pages as well.  

  • Category links on item pages.  These appear near the top of item pages and are generated by looking for the nearest category relatives available.  

This round of improvements is focussed on improving the discovery and shopping experience for buyers.  We will be making a more adjustments to optimize these pages over the next several weeks and expect to improve conversions and increase the number of items in carts.