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Posted On: Jun 1, 2015 at 4:18pm MST

As we’ve discussed over the last several months commissions on sales go live today along with several associated and supporting updates to our Terms of Use. The new plan structure and other changes that went live today are explained below in more detail.  

New ArtFire Plans

There's been a few updates since we shared an internal working document of the proposed plan structure. (A special note for legacy sellers. This table does not include either the locked-legacy or legacy-option plans, please see our note about legacy sellers below).  

Commercial Commission Premium 

Historically we've required sellers who wish to sell any number of commercial items to maintain a Commercial account and pay a higher monthly fee. We’re no longer classifying merchants as commercial or handmade but instead each item listed will be assessed a 3% commercial commission premium if it is listed in a commercial category.  

We understand that sometimes complementary accessories to handmade products are made available for sale by merchants that offer handmade items such as an electric wax/tart warmer in a candle shop. Under the past policy that single item could warrant a Commercial classification of that merchant. 

Now any merchant at any plan level (that pays a commission) can list commercial items, and when that item sells the commission rate will be 3% more than the base rate for that plan. As an example, a Commission Only shop would pay a 12% commission to sell commercial items (9% Base Rate +3% commercial commission premium).  

Miscategorizing commercial products as handmade or vintage is already a violation of ArtFire's Terms of Use and new tools will be used to ensure items are listed in the correct categories. The updated Terms of Use include a provision to recalculate commissions on items found to have been miscategorized. Current commercial merchants on ArtFire will be required to request a review to unlock noncommercial categories. Misclassification violations may result in category lock outs, suspension or removal from the site.

Note for Legacy Sellers

There are no max item restrictions for legacy plans. Locked-legacy sellers who do not take the Legacy Option plan (and don't pay a commission) cannot list products in Commercial categories at this time.  

Terms of Use Update

Below is a run-down of the most important additions.  

This section outlines the two main types of payments shops will make, commission payments and plan payments. The fees and billing section also provides ArtFire's timeline for handling and retrying failed payments.  

This section is a simplified version of the "Category Decision Tree" found in the previous Terms of Use. This section includes an important update that addresses the use of licensed images in handmade items. In layman's terms it means that: items or components of items that are printed in any medium by a seller and include licensed images; or any digital items that include licensed images; are considered commercial items and must be listed in the commercial items category.   

This section lists some prohibited behaviors that include spamming and harassment of other users.

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