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Posted On: Jul 17, 2015 at 10:39am MST

New Cart and Checkout Coming in October

We're currently working on a new and improved cart and checkout process that will increase the number of items per cart, streamline the checkout process and allow shoppers to checkout with multiple merchants at once.  Additional upsell items will be offered to buyers and customer preferences will be pre-populated during the checkout process when available. 

In order to make this change we’ll transition all payment processing through PayPal and eliminate ProPay, and Check or Money order as payment methods for shoppers.  Support for Amazon Payments ended when Amazon recently deprecated that product.

The new cart and checkout process uses PayPal Express Checkout exclusively.  PayPal Express checkout offers a complete payment suite that supports payments made via a PayPal account balance, checking account balance, or any major credit card.  

99% of the sales volume on ArtFire already goes to merchants that accept PayPal and the total sales volume purchased using PayPal is currently 90%.  As of October we’ll require all merchants to accept PayPal Express Checkout.  A free PayPal Premier or PayPal Business account is required to enable this option. You can learn more about PayPal Express Checkout here.  If you already have a PayPal Premier or Business account you can activate PayPal Express Checkout via the payment methods page.  

Changes to Coupons

ArtFire currently maintains one of the most complicated coupon code modules of any online marketplace.  As part of the cart improvements scheduled for October, the Coupon Code system will be streamlined and simplified.  

The new Coupon System allows the most commonly used three discount options: dollar amount off order subtotal, percentage off order subtotal, and free shipping.  The new coupon functionality can only be applied to "all items" in your shop.  A minimum order threshold for any of these coupons will still be an available setting.  The time frame options will be removed and replaced with a simple active/inactive toggle.  Usage of coupons will no longer be limited to one use per customer.  

Existing coupons that conform to the new criteria and are currently active will stay active, coupons that are no longer supported will be inactivated and removed in October.  That includes: dollar off per item codes and codes that apply to specific items or sections.   

PayPal is an Additional Option for ArtFire Subscription or Commission Payments

Merchants now have the option to use a PayPal account to pay fees.  This option is available to all new and existing merchants.  Your commission statement for each billing period is provided to you on or about the 26th of each month and due on the 1st of each following month.  Please be aware that if your commission payment is not paid by the 5th of each following month your items will be placed in “inactive” status until your payment is completed. 

More Item Properties

You’ll soon see additional fields required when listing new items in certain categories and you may be prompted to add additional information to some of your existing items.  This will allow us to improve the shopping and discovery experience throughout the site and result in more sales.  Over the past few months we’ve been developing a personalized suggestion algorithm based on events and preferences of shoppers in order to make these improvements.  These changes will be introduced in the next several months well before the seasonal shopping rush.

 Thank you for your continued participation and contribution to the success of the ArtFire marketplace and community!

John Jacobs, CEO 

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