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Posted On: Nov 18, 2015 at 3:10pm MST

ArtFire’s category tree is about to undergo a major overhaul and we’re ready to show off the changes with an update to ArtFire’s search & category browsing pages.  

You can see the new look and category tree here  The official switch that will also affect the listing page will happen tomorrow morning. 

The motivation behind updating ArtFire’s category tree was to move away from a fragmented category tree that often included category levels that didn’t pertain to the form or function of a product.  The result was many duplicate categories with little or no distinction between them which leads to questions from sellers about where a product should be listed and confusion for buyers as to where all of the products of a certain type can be found.  

Just as an illustrative example of how things currently look, if you want to list a necklace for sale on ArtFire you have had to pick from the following (not exhaustive) list of possible categories:

Handmade > Jewelry > Necklaces > (29 category options based on material)
Handmade > Crochet > Jewelry > Necklaces
Handmade > Jewelry > Men’s > Necklaces
Handmade > Wedding > Jewelry > Necklaces
Handmade > Children’s > Jewelry > Necklaces
Handmade > Leather Craft > Jewelry > Necklaces
Handmade > Earth Friendly > Jewelry > Necklaces
Handmade > Retro/Kitsch > Jewelry > Necklaces
Handmade > Children’s > Jewelry > Necklaces
Handmade > Knitting > Jewelry > Necklace
Handmade > Needlecraft > Jewelry > Necklace
Handmade > Novelty > Jewelry > Necklace
Handmade > Woodworking > Jewelry > Necklace
Fine Art > Ceramics & Pottery > Jewelry > Necklaces
Design > Jewelry > Jewelry > Necklaces
Design > Novelty > Jewelry > Necklaces

As of tomorrow there are only two good options for you to pick from:

Jewelry > Necklaces > (15 category options based on style)
Weddings > Jewelry > Necklaces  

The biggest change comes from removing the top most level from the category tree.  There will no longer be separate, nearly identical in some cases, category trees for Handmade, Design, Vintage, Fine Art, Media and Commercial.  Instead all products will use the same single category tree.  The manner of production will still be collected on the listing page and used as an optional shopping filter.  

Existing products have been assigned to a new category based on their previous categorization.  In most cases the new category will be a good fit, however, due to the nature of some of the old categories a new category can not always be identified as the right destination.  Just as an example, if you have a product listed in “Handmade > Seasonal > Patriotic Holidays > Other” your product has not been assigned any new category and will only show up under “All Products” in the new search page.  

With this update we've made it easier for staff members to add new categories and opened up the possibility of categories more than 4 levels deep.  If you have products that you'd like to list or move into a category that doesn't exist yet let us know.