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Setting Up Your ArtFire Studio Posted On: 04/06/2011 Last Updated: 12/22/2015

Welcome to ArtFire!

There are a few things you'll need to do to set up your studio and get started listing. These steps are highly suggested for  users before they start listing.

This progress bar is designed to help you get started and show you the steps you can complete before you start listing. When you click on any of the white text links within the bar, you will be taken to that section within your studio allowing you to complete that step.

Each completed step will change colors from Red to Green to show a successful set up.

Once you've completed all six steps, this bar will disappear and you will be ready to start listing.

Step 1: Uploading an Avatar

You can upload an avatar by clicking the "Studio" tab on the top navigation of your MyArtFire. On the left you will see the "My Avatar" tab. Click here and you will be taken to your Avatar set up to upload your image. To upload an avatar, click the "Choose File" button, and you will be given the option to select a photo from the files on your computer. Select an image and click "Open." Your photo must be between 140 x 140 pixels and 500 x 500 pixels, a .jpg or .png file type, and under 2 megabytes. Also note that square images work best for avatars; all non-square avatars will be cropped to fit the shape provided, or may give an error and not upload.

Once your photo has been uploaded (this should only take a minute depending on your internet connection speed and the size of your image) it will appear in your My Avatar page of the Studio tab, as well as the bottom of your Shop's page. You cannot delete your avatar after one has been uploaded, but you can change your avatar at any time by hitting the"Choose File" button and uploading a different image.

Step 2: Filling out your Address Information

You need to fill out your address so that buyers know where a product is being shipped from, although buyers will only be shown your country. To enter this account information, click the "My Account" heading on the top navigation tab in your MyArtFire.

Enter your street address into the provided space in the "Account Info" tab on the left. Remember to hit the "Save these Settings" button when you're done!

Step 3: Choosing a Payment Method

On the Payment Methods page you choose which payment method(s) you'll accept in your shop. This is how buyers will pay you for the goods they purchase. Currently, ArtFire members can choose to accept PayPal, ProPay, and/or Amazon Payments. You must choose at least one payment method to properly set up your shop; accepting more than one payment method will help you sell to wider range of potential buyers. 

If you're new to virtual payment systems and would like help setting up a seller account with one, check out our PayPal and Amazon Payments guides.  Make sure you hit the "Save Processors" button when you're done. 

Step 4: Uploading a Banner

You can upload a banner in the same Studio tab you uploaded your avatar by choosing the Banner Section of the tab. When you begin you will have a default orange banner, but as with your avatar, you can upload the banner of your choice. If you don't want to design and size your own banner, be sure to check out our Simple Banner Set Up Guide, which has the steps to customize your banner, or select a pre-made Pattern/Color Banner to chose from.

As long as you have a properly sized image (1000 x 750 pixels) saved to your computer, you can upload your banner to your Shop by clicking the "Choose File" option in the "Custome Image" section. If you have additional questions, be sure to click the link to the Simple Banner Creation Guide above.

Step 5: Fill out your Artisan Bio

To edit your Artisan Bio, click the Bio link in your progress bar or select "Studio" tab of your MyArtFire and go to "My Bio Page" on the left. To complete this requirement on the progress bar (setting up your studio) the only portion you are required to fill out is the "About the Artisan" section.

When buying online, customers like to know the person they are buying from. In your Bio, talk about who you are and what inspired you to start crafting and selling. Your Bio does not need to be an auto-biography, but it should introduce you to your potential customers.

While it is not required, it is strongly encouraged that all ArtFire members take to the time to fill out the entire Artisan Bio. The "Short Intro" Bio is seen on every item and gives you a chance to say hello to your customers. You can share your interests and talk about the skills and techniques that you use when creating.

Every member can upload a Bio picture. If you don't want to use a picture of yourself as your avatar, consider including one as your Bio picture. Pro members can also upload up to five Bio gallery pictures and can include four links to sites on the web in their bio.

Step 6: Studio Policies

To edit your studio policies, just click the white link in the progress bar or click the Intro and Policies tab in the "Studio" section on the left navigation in MyArtFire

On your Intro and Policies page you can enter in any special policies you have regarding shipping, selling, returns, exchanges, or custom work. Policies help inform your customer about how you as a business handle transactions.

Take a minute to fill out any policies you have, even if it's just to say that all shipping is done by the next business day and returns are only accepted under limited circumstances.

You can also enter in a brief studio announcement which will appear on the top of your studio and is a way to introduce yourself, although this isn't necessary for completing the reputation bar. Studio announcements are a good way to let your customers know when you are running a sale or offering a special deal.

That's it! You're all set to start selling, so get started listing your items!

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