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Shipping Profiles and FAQ Posted On: 04/06/2011 Last Updated: 12/09/2015

Shipping Profiles FAQ and Help Guide

Your ArtFire Seller Account allows you to set up multiple shipping profiles.  What is a shipping profile? A shipping profile is a saved set of shipping rates that you can quickly and easily apply to any item during the listing or editing process.  A shipping profile allows you to charge different shipping rates depending on which country your buyer needs your product shipped to or which item they are purchasing.  The shipping rates for an item applied via a profile are used to determine the shipping cost your customer will be charged during checkout.

What do "primary" and "secondary" shipping mean?

Essentially, primary shipping is the shipping cost that will be charged to ship the first item purchased; it is also the shipping cost charged if a customer only buys one item.  If a customer buys 2 or more items from your studio, all other items will charge a secondary shipping costs. 

ArtFire offers sellers the opportunity to use secondary shipping because, typically, the cost of shipping two products is not twice as expensive as shipping one.   An attractive secondary shipping cost can entice customers to purchase multiple items from your shop to save on shipping.

How does ArtFire use Primary and Secondary shipping to calculate the shipping total? 

Here is the breakdown for how the ArtFire cart applies shipping costs:

  • One item: The shipping total for one item is equal to the primary shipping cost.

  • Two items, same primary and secondary shipping: If the shipping rates for two items have identical primary and secondary shipping, the ArtFire cart will add one primary and one of the secondary shipping rate together to reach the shipping total.

  • Two items, different primary and secondary shipping: If the shipping rates for two items are different, the ArtFire cart will use the more expensive primary shipping rate for the primary shipping cost and add the secondary shipping from the remaining item to reach the shipping total.

  • Two items, same primary but different secondary shipping: In this case, the ArtFire cart will use the more expensive secondary shipping cost and use the remaining item's primary shipping cost to reach the shipping total.

  • Three or more Items: In all other cases of multiple item sales, the ArtFire cart will use the most expensive primary shipping cost from all the items in a buyer's order as the primary shipping, all of the remaining items' secondary shipping costs are added together with the primary shipping to reach the shipping total.

How do shipping charges work between multiple sellers?

Primary and secondary shipping rates apply to an individual shop only.  If a buyer is purchasing items from multiple shops, the shipping rates from those shops will apply respectively.  If a buyer is buying two items, one each from two different shops, then each item will be charged a primary shipping cost. 

How can I make a shipping profile?  Go to your Shop Icon and choose the "Shipping Profiles" option under the "My Items" Link. 

Once you're on the Shipping Profiles page, you can choose the "Create New Profile" button.  You'll want to name your profile something that helps you remember what it is, for example: if you are making a shipping profile that corresponds to the shipping costs for 16oz Candles, name the profile "16oz Candle Profile."  Naming profiles allows you to quickly find and apply the appropriate shipping profile to any new items that you list. 

You will see a dropdown menu under the Shipping Profile where you write in the profile name. Fill out the primary and secondary shipping rate for each country the profile will cover and click the "Create New Profile" button at the bottom.

Many profiles set up by sellers include shipping details for the U.S., Canada, and the UK.  You can set as many different countries as you feel necessary.  You can also choose the "All Other Countries" option to set one shipping price that will allow virtually any buyer in the world to buy from your shop. 

You will see your new shipping profiles appear on the left under the "My Current Shipping Profiles" heading.  Your new profile is ready to be quickly and easily applied to your listings. 

Why are there options for so many countries in the shipping profile?

Shipping items to different countries costs very different amounts of money.  If you live in the U.S. then shipping within the U.S. is probably the least expensive shipping rate you'll charge.  You may, however, want to sell your items to buyers from many different countries.  Shipping profiles can include many different countries so that you can set different (higher or lower) primary and secondary shipping rates depending on where you are and where you are shipping a product. 

How do I add a shipping profile to an item I am listing?

You'll find the shipping information section at the bottom of the listing page (the "List an Item" tab on the left under "My Items").  To add a shipping profile, choose the correct profile from the list in the "Add a Profile" heading.  Once you have selected the correct profile it will show up on the right and apply the respective primary and secondary shipping costs to the item.

If your shipping profile covers all of the shipping information you want to use for an item, you can move on to the next step of the listing process. 

You can individually edit rates or remove particular countries from the rates that a shipping profile applies, however, if you want to change the details of your shipping profile permanently you need to go to the Shipping Profiles section and edit the profile you want to change. 

Manually adding shipping to an Item

Whether you need to supplement a shipping profile with a particular country/shipping price or you don't have a profile set up for a particular item yet, you can manually add shipping to individual items.  Be advised, manually adding shipping does not create or change your saved shipping profiles.  The only way to create, add to, or remove details about a shipping profile is via the Shipping Profile section of your MyArtFire. 

During the listing/editing process you can add shipping manually using the "Add Country" link and selecting from the full country list drop down.

To manually add shipping, select a country, set a primary and secondary shipping price, and click the "Save" button on the right.  You will see the manually added shipping appear on the listing page. You can click the fields to edit the rate or the "Remove" link to delete it.  You can continue to manually add shipping by choosing different countries, setting the primary and secondary shipping costs.  Please note, manually adding shipping does not create a shipping profile and the rate that you set will only apply to the item being listed.  Manual shipping cannot be saved or turned into a shipping profile.  To make a shipping profile you need to go to the Shipping Profiles section of your MyArtFire.

NOTE: If you update the rates in an existing shipping profile that will not automatically update the shipping rates on the items that the profile was applied to. You'll need to apply the updated profile to your items to get the updated rates.