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After You Import From Etsy Posted On: 04/06/2011 Last Updated: 12/04/2014

After CSV Import Review Guide

If you're reading this, you've probably just imported one of more of your Etsy listings to ArtFire, Congratulations!  There are a few things you can do to jump-start your listings on ArtFire.

While we have taken every effort possible to ensure your items are being imported correctly, the constantly changing nature of the web means some discrepancies may occur when converting the structure of an Etsy listing into a powerful and SEO-optimized ArtFire listing.  Please take the time now to check over your imported items. Here are the most important things to do:


  • Check the prices.  This is the single most important thing to check as imported items will be live and available for sale very quickly after an import. 

  • Check the shipping.  This is similar to checking your prices; ensure shipping is correct for your items.  Shipping can be edited via the global product editor.

  • Check the categories.  Because the category structure of Etsy and ArtFire are very different, items may not be in their most optimal category.  You can make changes to the category via the global product editor.

  • Check for Google Base issues.  ArtFire automatically submits your items to Google Base for you!  However if you have banned words in you Etsy listings, you will need to re-work the language to make the listing eligible for submission. 


  • Re-Work your titles.  The true power of an ArtFire listing is its SEO potential. Because Google likes to show unique content to users, you're more likely to be in front of a searcher twice if you re-work your imported listings titles.  This is also an opportunity to try some multi-variable testing and experiment to find the best titles for your items!

  • If there are different words or keywords that could apply to your item's title, now is a great time to test them.  Using new and different words in your item's title is the only sure way to get the value of unique content.  


  • Re-work your titles and descriptions.  Search engines really like unique content; that is, search engines dislike returning the same content as multiple results in a search.  By re-working your descriptions as well as your titles, you have an even better opportunity to increase your search engine exposure and experiment to find the best way to describe your products.  Re-ordering paragraphs/sentences, paraphrasing, and even using different keywords are all methods for making content more unique.  


  • Re-Work your titles and descriptions (see above).

  • Link to your new items/your studio.  Before your items are indexed by Google they are invisible to web searchers.  While your items will, eventually, be found by Google on ArtFire (ArtFire is constantly being crawled by search engine spiders) you can jump-start the process by linking to your new items or studio on your blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, or any other web page you control that is currently indexed in Google.  

Thanks for reading the after-import help guide!  Good luck!