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The WYSIWYG editor allows you to format your text much like in a word processor.  To add the formatting to existing text that you've already typed, highlight that text and press the correct button on the editor to change the formatting accordingly.  If you have no text highlighted, pressing one of the formatting buttons will begin making the next characters that you type follow that format until you turn off the  formatting by pressing the button a second time.  Please note: if you are using Internet Explorer, some features, such as text color, must be used on highlighted text and will not automatically start formatting when you begin typing. 

a) Text Color - The default color for text in forum posts is black.  You can change the color of your text by highlighting the text you wish to change, pressing the Text Color button, and choosing the color from the drop down menu. Adding color can help you emphasize or draw attention to certain words in your posts.  

b) Bold - Highlight the text you wish to make bold and press the Bold Text button.  Bolding text increases the "weight" of the text and makes it stand out.  

c) Italics - You can italicize your text by highlighting it and pressing the italics button.  Italics make your text slant to the right and can be great for attributing quotes or references. 

d) Underline - You can underline your text by highlighting it and pressing the underline button.  Underlining text can help draw attention to it and is also appropriate styling for certain references.  

e) Strike-through - You can add a strike-through to your text by highlighting it and pressing the Strike-through button.  Striking out text is typically done as an edit to a previous post when you have new information that contradicts a previous statement.  For example, I could say something false like striking-through text is used as a "half underline." It is done so that future readers can still see what was written but can see that it has been "struck"from the post.  

f) Indent - You can indent text by highlighting the text and pressing the indent button.  Indenting text moves the text to the right and makes text stand out.  

g) Outdent – An "Outdent" simply removes an indent and places the text back to its previous justification.

h) Insert Horizontal Rule - You don’t need to highlight text to use this formatting feature.  Adding
a horizontal rule inserts a visible line to break up different parts of your text. To add the rule put your cursor where you want the rule to appear and click the button. 

i) Left Justify - Left Justify means that text is "justified" or aligned with the left margin of the page.  Up until this point all the text on this page has been left justified.  The default justification for text in the forums is left.  If you have set the justification to center or right all you need to do is highlight the text you want to format and press the left justify button.  

j) Center Justify - Center justify aligns the text in the center of the page.  You can center justify your posts by highlighting the text and pressing the Center Justify button.  Typically center justification is use for titles or headers.

k) Right Justify - Right justify aligns the text to the right margin.  To Justify your text to the right, highlight the text and press the Right Justify button.  

l) Increase Font Size - To increase the font size, highlight the desired text and press the increase font size button until the desired size is reached.  Larger fonts can be easier to read or can call attention to certain words or sentences.  

m) Decrease Font Size - To decrease the font size, highlight the desired text and press the decrease font size button until the desired size is reached.  Smaller text is used to fit more information into a small space.  

n) Insert Unordered (bulleted) List - To add a bulleted list highlight the text that you want to format. For bulleted lists you need to make sure that you've hit the key between each item to ensure it is given its own bullet.  You can hit the button to add another bulleted item to the list.  To move on and type more text that is not formatted as a bullet, simply press enter twice.  
  • Bulleted lists list items that don’t necessarily need to be in any order
  • They are great for listing components such as items needed for a recipe or a craft project.
  • Each Bullet draws the eye and informs the reader of the difference between separate items. 
o) Insert Ordered List - An ordered list follows a 1, 2, 3 list structure.  You can make an ordered list by:
  1. Making sure you've hit between each separate item in the list
  2. Highlighting the text that you want made into a list
  3. Pressing the "ordered list" button
  4. Press to add another item or press twice to move on with your post.

p) Insert Link - You can insert a clickable link to share with other forum readers. To insert a link, highlight the text that you want to hyperlink, press Insert Link, type or paste the URL of the link, and hit done.  If you need more help, check out the guide for making links in the ArtFire Chatterbox forums.  Links are great for sharing your favorite site and finding new ones.  

q) Remove Link - If you want to remove a hyperlink, highlight the linked text and press the Remove Link button.  

r) Insert Image - To insert an image you will need the URL of the image.  Press the insertimage button and enter the URL of the image.  You can find an in depth look at sharing images on the ArtFire Forums by reading this guide.

s) Cut - Cut allows you to remove parts of your post and put them in a different place.  Cut automatically copies the text that was cut to your clipboard so that you can paste it to a different section.  To cut part of your post out, highlight the text and press the Cut button.

t) Copy - You can also copy part of your post and paste it without having to cut any portion out of the text.  To copy text to your clipboard, highlight the text and press the Copy button.

u) Paste - When you have an item in your clipboard, you can paste it by placing the cursor in the desired location and pressing the Paste button.

v) Paragraph - The paragraph button won't need to be used unless you've designated a portion of your post as a heading (explained below) and change your mind.  As an example if you accidentally set your whole post to be a Heading 1, you can simply highlight the entire post and press the Paragraph button to restore the text to a normal paragraph format. 

Heading 1

w) Heading 1 - Headings change the size and appearance of the font.  You can use the H1 heading to title your post and draw attention to the name you've given it.  To make part of your post into an H1 heading, highlight the text and press the H1 button. 

Heading 2

Heading 3

x) Heading 2 & y) Heading 3 - Heading 2 and 3 are smaller than Heading 1 but can still be used to  designate a secondary title or heading in a post.  To make a part of your text a heading 2 or 3 simply highlight the text and press the desired heading button.

z) Spell Check - You can check your post for spelling mistakes by pressing the spell check button.  A window will pop up that allows you to see words you may have misspelled.  The words appear in red, clicking on the red words presents you with choices for misspelled words.  Once your satisfied you can click the done button to save the spelling fixes to your post. 

1) Insert Emoticon - To insert an emoticon, place the cursor in the desired location and press the emoticon button.  Choose your desired emoticon from the drop down menu.