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Forums: Post a Link Posted On: 04/06/2011 Last Updated: 04/06/2011

If you're having trouble sharing links, pictures, or making your pictures clickable, follow along and we'll have you straightened out in no time!

How to Share a Link

The WYSIWYG (an abbreviation for "What You See is What You Get") editor pop-ups look a little different depending on the browser your using.  Because Internet Explorer is the most commonly used browser, the screen shots for this guide were taken from there. 

FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera users will find these directions work, however the pop-ups may look different than those depicted.

To insert a link, first decide what you want your text to look like.  Here I've written up the beginning of my post, and typed out what I want text for my link to be:


Then copy the URL ( the web address, usually looks like  you're going to use to your clipboard.  There are several ways you can do this.  You can highlight a URL, right click, and select copy.  You can also highlight the URL and hit CTRL + C  on your keyboard.  If you know the URL by heart you can type it out by hand.  However you get the URL is fine.  Once you have it, highlight the text you're going to turn into a link and click the little chain button in the WYSIWYG editor:



When you click the link button, a pop up window should appear that lets you put in what you'd like to link this text to.  Paste or type your URL into the URL field and click OK.


Now that you're done, you should have a link in your text editor that users will be able to click after you create the topic / share your post.


Thanks for reading!  Check out our other guides to find out how to share pictures, control your settings, vote on reputations, and more!