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Forums: Post a Linked Picture Posted On: 04/06/2011 Last Updated: 04/06/2011

How To Post Pictures and Make Them Clickable

Having trouble posting a picture in the ArtFire Forum?   This guide will have you sharing pictures (and clickable ones at that) in no time! 

Because Internet Explorer is the most commonly used browser, the screen shots for this guide were taken from there.  FireFox users should find these directions work fine even if the pop ups look different. 

ATTN: Chrome, Safari, and Opera users: you cannot currently re-size pictures within the WYSIWYG editor.  Your best options are to either re-size the picture yourself and publish it to an image hosting site, or use IE or FireFox when you'll be submitting pictures.

Where to Start……. You're in your editor, you've entered some text, and now you want to insert an image. 

There are actually two main ways to accomplish inserting an image into the editor.  You can copy and paste, or you can insert the image using the web address.   We'll let you decide which one you're more comfortable with, so here is an explanation of how to do both either way, were trying to insert this pendant sold by Scarlet-Impressions:

Copy Paste Method:

When you're looking at the image you'd like to insert, right click and select the "copy" option.

Now Navigate back to the editor and "paste" the item in.  You can do this one of three ways

  • Right click, and select the "paste" option
  • Press CTRL + V (hold down the Ctrl key and press the "v" key)
  • Press the Clipboard button in the WYSIWYG bar (the first time you click it you may need to "allow access" so ArtFire can read you have Copied and ready to paste.   The button looks like this:

However you get the image pasted, it should now be in your Text Editor (although it will be a bit large) Click on the image and drag one of the corners to re-size it if you'd like.

This is what my editor looks like after the image has been re-sized.

URL Method:

This can be a little bit tricky in Internet Explorer.  FireFox users will have an easier time finding the direct to item URL than IE users will.  However you go about it, the key behind this method is finding the direct to image URL. The instructions are intended for IE users but notes are given for FireFox users as well:

Navigate to the page with the picture that you'd like to use.  For my example we will again be using this pendant from Scarlet-Impressions.

Right click on the picture and select "properties"

FireFox Users:  Simply click "Copy Image Location" to get the URL copied to your clipboard.

In the Pop up that follows you’ll see a line that says "Address:(URL)"  You'll want to Copy to your clipboard that address.

Select OK to close the window.  This item address is now copied to your clipboard.  You can check it out by opening a new tab and pasting the URL into the address bar.  You should be taken to a page that has only the picture on it.  Like this page in my example.

Now we're going to use the WYSIWYG tool bar's picture button to put the picture in the editor.  Go back to your editor and click this button:

FireFox Users: You will see a pop up that only lets you paste a URL.

After clicking the button you'll see a pop up window to insert your image.  It is important to note that you cannot upload images with the WYSIWYG editor.  We are working to simplify the pop ups appearance in IE to be more like that of the appearance in FireFox, but just remember you must link a picture in from someplace else on the web, you can't upload one.

This is what the pop up will look like.  Just paste your URL in there and click "OK"

Congratulations!  You've now got a picture in your editor!

Making a picture clickable:

If you'd like to make a picture clickable once you've got it in your editor, you only have one more step to go!  You're first going to want get the URL you want to link the picture to copied into your clipboard.  For my example I'd like to have my picture link to the pendant for sale.  So I get ready by copying the address:

 Now just highlight the picture in your editor with your mouse, and click the "link" button:

You'll see the link window pop up.  Just paste the link in and click ok:

Congratulations, you've added a picture to your post and maybe even made it a clickable link as well! Check out our other help guides to find out how to add a link, vote on reputations, control your settings, and more!