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How to Give Seller Rating and Feedback Posted On: 04/06/2011 Last Updated: 12/04/2014

How to give a Seller Rating & Feedback for your ArtFire Purchase:

So you've received your purchased item off of ArtFire, supported a hardworking artisan and have a quality one-of-a-kind product. Now what? Now, you let other buyers in the community know what kind of experience you had on ArtFire by rating the transaction and leaving feedback! 

Note: Only registered members of ArtFire can leave Seller Rating and Feedback for a purchase.  If you completed your purchase using ArtFire's guest checkout but would like to leave rating and feedback, please register a buyer account here and send an email to with your recent purchase's order number. 

Seller Rating: 

Seller Rating and Feedback are the two forms of transaction grading here at ArtFire . With Seller Rating, shoppers rate sellers on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being the highest score possible. All new sellers start with a seller rating of "N/A" , and only gain rating after making a sale.  A seller's 1-10 rating is converted into a five star scale that search engines are more  with.  This star rating appears on an artisan's shop or listing page, right below the number of items sold and the check-in date in the Seller's Information.


Feedback are short notes or comments you can make to the seller about your purchase. These notes can be private or public, depending on the seller's preference.  Public feedback notes appear under the "Feedback" tab in a user's studio, along with either exact seller rating. 

If a shopper doesn't want to include a note, they are welcome to just leave a rating.

Leaving Feedback for a Purchase:

To leave Kudos and Karma for a seller, first click navigate back to your MyArtFire control panel.  Under the "Orders" tab click "Leave Feedback" on the left.

Here, you'll see a list of all your purchases on ArtFire. You can view the invoice for these items, contact the seller, or leave feedback if the sale is complete. To leave feedback fill out the three drop-down ratings. Take a moment to consider how the transaction went. Was the item you received just as it was described? Was it shipped in a reasonable amount of time? Was the communication with the seller (if there was need for it) pleasant and professional? Rate your order on each of these points from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best possible service. You can also leave a comment if you would like, then click "Submit Comments and Ratings."

A green message will appear that says you have successfully submitted feedback for the order.

Note: While is it possible to leave rating but no feedback for an item, you cannot leave feedback but not leave a rating.

Receiving Feedback

As a seller you can view your rating and feedback by clicking the "Feedback" tab on the left once you are in the "My Account" tab at in MyArtFire.

While rating is instantly made public, when a seller first receives feedback, it is set to private, meaning only that seller can view it. After the seller has reviewed the feedback, they can choose to share it with the community.  Rating scores, on the other hand, cannot be set to private. This is because rating is blind and the seller has no way of knowing exactly who left them a rating or for what transaction.

If you choose to set your feedback to public, it will appear to other members under the feedback tab on your studio. You can choose to set any feedback to private or remove them at any time.