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How to Make Shop Sections Posted On: 04/06/2011 Last Updated: 12/10/2014

Shop Sections

Custom shop sections help you categorize the items in your shop in a way that you find meaningful. Using shop sections your customers can easily browse the different types of goods you offer. As a shop owner you'll be able to select and edit entire sections of products at once to make global changes to attributes like shipping rates.  

If you plan to separate your shop's inventory into different sections, its best to create some or all of those sections before you start listing items. Putting an item into a particular section is an option you'll have when you list or edit products; however, you the section has to be created first.   

When you make sections, think about the most meaningful distinctions between the types of items you plan to sell. Don't worry about setting anything in stone; you can come back and update or change your sections in the future.  

Sections are part of your shop and are managed from the Studio tab of your account. When you are logged in to your account, under the Studio tab, and click Sections, your view of your sections includes options to add, edit or remove them; these options are not seen by your customers. Your shop sections can be accessed by you or customers by choosing to Show Sections as well as set up a Visual Catalog. If you do not see your sections or Catalog link on your page, you may need to use the Sections portion of your account and select "Show Sections".

Once sections are set to display they will appear on the upper left portion of your main shop and item pages with a "Catalog" link. The Visual Catalog offers a display of sections with an image from that section on your main page.

If you choose to not have a Visual Catalog, your items will show as normal on the front page, instead of links with images to those sections.

Creating Shop Sections

To create a new section, press the "Add New Section" Button.  This opens a text field for you to type in your sections' name. Once you've finished typing in the name, press the OK option to save the new section or the gray "x" or Cancel button to cancel.  

Editing and Deleting Sections

Once a section is created you'll see a small pencil icon next to it. Clicking this icon allows you to edit the section name and save the change using OK button, or you can delete the section using the blue "x" icon.  

The order that you create your sections in is the default order they will appear; to change that order simply click and drag a section to the desired position.

Once you've created sections you can add items to them either during the listing process or using the global product editor.