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Forums: Customize Your Settings Posted On: 04/06/2011 Last Updated: 04/06/2011

How to customize your forum settings

"User's I Have Blocked"

This shows you a list of all of the users you have chosen to block.  Blocking a user simply hides the text in their posts rather than the entire post itself. You can temporarily show hidden text if you come across a blocked user's post by clicking "Show Text."  If you would like to permanently remove a block you can select a blocked user from the drop-down list and click the "remove block" button.

Globally Show All Posts?

The default view for all logged in users is to not show posts that fall below the moderation threshold.   If you would like to see all posts regardless of the users reputation score, click "yes" and click Save Now.

The Signature box allows you to upload a basic signature that will follow all of your posts on the ArtFire forums. Pro members are allowed to use basic HTML markup to insert links along with their text, Basic members may only use text links. 

My Chatterbox Interaction

"All Topics I Have Created" - Takes you to the same page as "My Topics" and shows you all of your topics. You can also turn on and off automatic notification of follow up posts on this page.

"All Posts I Have Created" - Takes you to a page where you can read all of the posts you have created.

Thanks for reading the My Settings help guide!  Check out our other help guides to find out how to share links, post pictures, vote on reputation, and more!