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Creating a Facebook Fan Page Posted On: 04/08/2011 Last Updated: 01/30/2015

If you want to have an official presence on Facebook for your business and/or ArtFire Studio you'll want to create a Facebook Fan page.  Your friends and customers can "Fan" your page to follow your updates, and Pro members can evenadd the ArtFire Facebook Kiosk to bring their studios right into Facebook!

To get started making a Facebook Fan page log into the Facebook account you want to make the page under and go to this URL:

Select the type of Fan page you'd like to create.  "Local Business or Place" , "Brand or Product", "Company, Organization, or Institution", or "Artist, Band or Public Figure" all might be an appropriate fan page type for you.  You can click on any to see the available drop down options.  "Brand or Product" has the website option.  

Once you've picked your fan page type start filling out your information.  Be careful to pick a good page name as that is the name Fans will see.  Once your page has 25 likes from other Facebook users you'll be able to define a custom URL by selecting your page here.  (Be careful not to set a business URL for your personal profile!).

You're all done, you should now have a Facebook Fan page for your business!  If you're a Pro member and you want to install your ArtFire kiosk you're all set to start the ArtFire Facebook Kiosk guide here.