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Product Identifiers Frequently Asked Questions Posted On: 05/03/2011 Last Updated: 12/04/2014

Product Identifiers FAQs

Google Product Search now requires unique product identifiers for all products except apparel and custom made goods.  This exception means Handmade, Fine Art, Design, Media, and most Vintage goods are not required to have any unique product identifiers.  The unique identifier requirements will only affect Supply categories and some Vintage categories. 

What are Product Identifiers?
Unique product identifiers are codes or values such as a Universal Product Code (UPC);  unique product identifiers can be associated with an individual product.  Google uses product identifiers to help build a better experience for shoppers using the Google Product Search engine.   Google uses the following as product identifiers:
  • Universal Product Code - Unique numerical identifier on commercial products (North America)
  • European Article Number - Unique numerical identifier on commercial products (Outside North America)
  • Japanese Article Number - Unique numerical identifier on commercial products (Japan)
  • International Standard Book Number - Unique numerical identifier for commercial books published since 1970
  • Manufacturer Part Number - Number or code which uniquely identifies a product to it's manufacturer
  • Brand - The brand of the product

When are Product Identifiers Required?

Product identifiers are required for items listed in the following categories:
  • Craft Supplies (Top Level Category) - 2 product identifiers required for submission to Google Product Search.  The Handmade Supplies main category is excluded from these requirements. 
  • Vintage Books (Main Level Category) - ISBN required if book published after 1970

Where can I find Unique Product Identifiers?

In many cases the necessary Unique Product Identifiers can be found on a product itself (UPCs, MPN, Brand).  You can look up most UPC's at , you can find ISBNs at

Where do I enter Unique Product Identifiers when listing an item?

When you are listing a new product, if you select a category that requires unique product identifiers you should see the Product Identifier box appear:

If you are listing a book that has an ISBN, type the ISBN into the first field (for books this is the only required identifier).  For all other listings that require identifiers (all supply listings), you must provide at least two identifiers in order for a listing to be feed to Google Product Search. 

Can I still list my items even if I don't have unique product identifiers?
Yes you can still list your items on ArtFire, however, items without unique product identifiers will not be fed to Google Product Search.