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Resizing Your Photographs Posted On: 05/05/2011 Last Updated: 06/24/2015

Resizing your Photographs

This Help Guide will walk you through options to resize your images for use on ArtFire. Many aspects of your ArtFire shop have an option to upload an image. Your Avatar, Banner, Bio photo, and even item listings, have certain size requirements for optimal display.

Current Minimum Image Size Requirements

  • Avatar
  • 140 X 140 (pixels)

  • Banner
  • 1000 X 750 (pixels)

  • Item Listings
  • 7MB (Mega Bytes)

  • Bio Photo
  • 235 × 235 (pixels)


Your studio Avatar says a lot about your business and items. You can edit it by visiting your My Avatar Page in the Stuio Tab, and uploading either a JPEG or PNG file type with a minimum 140 X 140 pixel size for this section.


The studio banner is your shop's biggest image and has the biggest impact on the shopping experience. The banner options are located in the Banner Page of the Studio Tab. The Banner should be at least 100 pixels wide by 750 pixels tall. This image is displayed with a ratio that is based on the screen your shoppper is viewing. The view display area on a full size desktop is roughly 1000 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall, so it is good to have an image or design which has a focal poin in this area. You can refer to the Banner Help Guide for more information on this section.

Desktop Banner View:

Mobile Banner View:

Resizing Images to Meet Requirements

There are many great tools for resizing and styling an image. One of the best free options is

This tool allows you to upload your image and set the height, width, and custom options for your image. Just click the "Browse" option and select your file.