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ArtFire Cart and Checkout Help Guide Posted On: 08/05/2011 Last Updated: 03/10/2015

Adding Items to Your Cart

The "Add to cart" buttons are found on every item page on ArtFire.  To add any item to your cart, just click the "Add to cart" button.

The ArtFire Quick Cart

View your cart by adding an item to it or clicking the cart icon in the top right corner of the ArtFire header.  Once your cart is open, make sure the country your order ships to is selected from the drop-down menu; this ensures that the correct shipping price is displayed in the cart.  

You can quickly modify your cart, either by changing the quantity of items you're purchasing (when available), or removing items via the remove link under each item title. 

If you add items to your cart from different sellers, the ArtFire cart will keep them separated and allow you to switch between them via a drop-down menu. 

When you're ready to checkout, press the "proceed to checkout" button.  *Please note, depending on the shipping destination of the order, state and local sales tax may apply and will be reflected in the order total after you've entered a zip code (U.S. Only)*

Checking-Out from a Studio

Step 1: Shipping and Note to Seller

Enter the shipping location for the order.  If you're paying via PayPal or Amazon this address should match the address that will be given to the seller via those payment processors.  Using different addresses may delay your order.  

(Optional) You can include a note to the seller about your order.  If you need to specify any custom details or options this is the place to include that message.

If you are not registered on ArtFire, you have a unique oportunity here to sign up for a free Patron account. A Patron account will give you access to available discounts, leaving feeback and rating for sellers, and an account to keep track of order history.  

When ready, press the next button to go to Step 2 where you'll Pay for your order.  

Step 2: Paying for Your Order

Depending on the payment methods accepted by a seller, you may see the option to check-out in-line via credit card.  In-line credit card payments are securely processed via ProPay, a third party credit card processor.  Your payment is made directly to a seller, however, your sensitive financial information is kept private and is not accessible to the seller or to ArtFire.  All information is transmitted via encrypted PCI complaint connections.  To pay this way, simply fill out the credit card information boxes and press the submit payment button.

Sellers can also accept payments via PayPal or Amazon.  These options may be presented as the payment options in Step 2 or as alternative methods in Step 3.  To pay via these methods, press the radio button and click the "Select" button next to the desired method and you'll be taken to the payment processors website to complete payment.(No: Paying via PayPal does not require you to sign up for PayPal, they accept credit/debit payments via a secure payment option.)  

Some sellers may accept Check/Money orders.  To pay via Check/Money order,  press the corresponding button.  You'll be given the amount total for the check/money order as well as the address to mail your payment to. 

Once you've successfully completed your payment, you should see the order success page.  From here you can print an invoice for your own records or "brag" about your purchase and share your finds with your friends.