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Your Studio RSS Feed Posted On: 04/06/2011 Last Updated: 10/18/2011

All shops on ArtFire have RSS Feeds of all items currently listed. An RSS (short for Really Simple Syndication) Feed is a format for displaying updates for news for any website. Generally these updates have little to no images and heavy formatting for easy and quick reading. These can be extremely handy for updating buyers and promoting your studio.

To access your RSS Feed, simply navigate to your shop homepage. When you are viewing your shop page (or any of your items) the orange RSS icon in the top right of the page will link to an RSS feed of your shop

Your RSS feed will list all the items currently in your shop starting with the most recent products added. Generally this RSS feed will include some of the description, the price, the main image of the listing, and the date of the listing. The title of each piece will also serve as a link back to that specific item.

So what can you do with an RSS Feed? Well, shoppers and general fans of your shop are able to subscribe to your RSS feed, which will give them a chance to keep updated on all recent products added to your shop through whatever RSS Feeder they choose.

Most web browsers have RSS feeders built in, although how your RSS Feed appears to users differs depending on which browser they're using. On Firefox, the RSS Feed will appear on the bookmarks toolbar, but on other browsers you might need to check the bookmarks drop down menu.

However, the area for RSS feeds is generally distinguishable by the RSS Feed icon. So if you're not 100% sure where your RSS feeds are showing up, just look for the icon.

There are many different kinds of RSS feeders besides your web browser. Outlook allows you to add RSS feeds into your mail system, while Feedburner allows you to receive updates on RSS feeds though email. Google Reader lets you to insert RSS feeds into your Gmail, and has recently added in features allows users to translate RSS feeds into different languages.

Members can also add their RSS feed to their Twitter and Blogger pages. On Twitter, this can be done using Twitterfeed, which will provide live updates to all your twitter followers when you upload a new item. Blogger has features built in which allow you to upload your RSS Feed to a side bar of your blog (under Page Elements in Layout) so readers can see what new items you’ve uploaded while they read your blog.

With so many different kinds of RSS readers out there, there are countless was to put your RSS feed to work promoting your shop and keep shoppers updated. Be sure to take advantage of this handy tool whenever you can!