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ArtFire Guilds Frequently Asked Questions Posted On: 11/15/2011 Last Updated: 11/16/2011

ArtFire Guild Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Guild?

A guild is a group of sellers who join together to cross promote, share ideas, offer support, learn as a team or promote a cause.  Guilds can be based on geography, interest, craft, subject or any other combination of interests and ideas.  Guilds are your space to work as a group, whatever that group or that work may be. 

What does a Guild do?

That's pretty much up to a Guild to decide.  Guilds can be started around a lot of different ideas and subjects.  A Guild that's created to bring together artists in a particular area will do different things than a guild that exists to promote a specific cause or teach a particular craft. 

What a "Guild" actually does is give ArtFire sellers space to share ideas, organize events, and learn from each other.  

Who can be in a Guild?

ArtFire Guilds are open to any ArtFire member with a seller account.  Buyer accounts are not able to join ArtFire Guilds at this time.

Who can start a Guild?

Any ArtFire seller can start or "create" a Guild.  When you create a Guild, you become the Guild Master of your new Guild.  You can only be the Guild Master of a single guild (at a time).  

You can create a guild by visiting the Create Guild page.  

How many Guilds can I be in?

ArtFire seller's can join up to 10 guilds.  If you're already a member of 10 guilds and want to join another one, you'll have to remove yourself from a guild before joining.   

Remember, you can only be a Guild Master of one guild, but you can be a member of up to 10.  

How can I find Guilds to join?

You can use the ArtFire Guild Directory to search for Guilds by name, location, or interest.  To apply to a Guild, visit the Into/Apply page (you'll get there right from the directory), press the  "Apply to Join This Guild" button, fill out the application questions and submit your application.  Each guild can set custom questions so you may be asked different questions when applying to different guilds.