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Favorites and Lists Help Guide Posted On: 02/22/2012 Last Updated: 02/22/2012

Favorites and Lists Help Guide

Keeping track of your favorite items on ArtFire is now simple and easy; if you've been bookmarking items or emailing yourself links, we're happy to say that there is indeed a better way.  Just log in to your active ArtFire Seller or Patron account and you're ready to go.  If you don't have an account you'll need to register a new account before you can see some of these options.  

Adding an Item to Your Favorites

With few exceptions, if you can see an item on ArtFire, you can add it to your "My Favorites" simply by mousing over the item's image and clicking on the empty heart icon.  

Favoriting an item in this way will add it to your general "My Favorites" section in your "My ArtFire".  If you're not sure whether an item is already on your favorites list, you can mouse over the item's image and check the heart icon.  If the heart icon is already filled, the item is on your favorites list (you can remove the item from your favorites by clicking on the heart again).

"My Favorites"

"My Favorites" is found under the "Favorites" tab in your "My ArtFire".  All of the items you add to your favorites will be found here.  By default the items are ordered so that the items you've most recently favorited are at the top.  You can order your favorites by many of the same criteria found in shops and in search such as by price, by views, or even randomly.

The default layout view for your favorites is a simple grid view that shows just the main image for each item you've favorited. Grid view is useful for quickly paging through your favorites to find specific items.

Grid view for "My Favorites"

You can see more information about each of your favorite items without needing to visit their detail pages by choosing one of the other two layout options.  The 'Skinny' view displays product titles, prices, and seller information, and the 'Detailed' view includes the beginning of the item's description as well as its category on ArtFire.  

Skinny View for "My Favorites"

Detailed view for "My Favorites"

Creating Lists and Adding Items to a List

Any item that you've added to your favorites can also be added to a list.  Lists are sub-sets of your favorites that can be shared or kept private. You can create a new list from your "My Lists" page by pressing the "New List" button, typing in a name for your list, and pressing "Submit."

Adding an item to a list follows a similar process to adding an item to your favorites. When you mouse-over an item's image and see the favorites banner and heart icon, you can see more options by right clicking on the banner or heart icon.  Right-clicking the favorites banner will pop-up a small options box that you can use to either add an item to an existing list or create a new list to add the item to.

Managing Your Lists

Your lists can be managed via your "My Lists" page.  The most important option that you'll need to set is whether your list is Public, Private, or Link-Only.  When a new list is created its default status is public. You can switch between these three options by clicking on the Public/Link-Only/Private text that appears on the "My Lists" page as well as the list detail pages:

  • Public - Your list may be used by ArtFire to drive shopping methods and recommendations for other shoppers.  Public is the default option for all lists

  • Private - Your list can only be accessed by you while logged into your account.

  • Link Only - Your list is publicly accessible to anyone with a link to your list so that you can share your lists with friends and/or family.  Link-Only lists will not be used to drive shopping methods or recommendations for shoppers.

To remove items from a list, you can either use the same menu that pops up when right-clicking a favorites banner; just click the list again. You can also remove items from a list by viewing your list in the Detail layout view and clicking the "Remove this from the list" link.