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Managing Comments and Comment Discounts Posted On: 02/22/2012 Last Updated: 02/22/2012

Managing Comments and the Comment Discount

Every item on ArtFire can receive comments from logged in ArtFire members as well as guest shoppers. Whether or not those comments show publicly on an item page is up to you. All comments must be approved by you, the seller, before they become part of your item's page. When one of your items gets a new comment, you'll get a notice that links you to the Item Comments moderation page found under the Items tab in your MyArtFire.

Moderating Comments

Comment moderation is a straightforward yes-or-no process. On your Item Comments page you'll see all your comments awaiting moderation. Comments are grouped by item so that an item with multiple comments can be reviewed all at the same time. A comment can be made by either an ArtFire member or a guest. You'll either see the member's account name or "Guest Shopper" if the user was not logged into an account when the comment was made.

You have two moderation options: Approve or Delete. Approve will make the comment public on your item's page. Delete does just what it says. Once you've approved a comment it will disappear from your Item Comments page. If you change your mind and want to remove the comment, you can do so from the item page itself.

Comment Discount Shop-Wide Setting

If commenting on your products is something you would like to encourage, you can offer your shoppers a discount for commenting on an item. A comment discount is unlocked only after a comment has been made and is available for a limited amount of time. If a shopper doesn't purchase the item within 24 hours the price will revert back to the original price.

You can set a shop-wide comment discount via the "Discounts" page found under the Tools tab in your My ArtFire. Use the discount slider to select the discount you'd like to offer and press the Save button to save that rate. This will set the default comment discount rate for your whole shop, and will apply to every item that has not otherwise had its comment discount rate set. You can also offer a discount on an item-by-item basis as covered in the next section.

Overriding Your Default Rate

If you've set a shop-wide rate for comment discounts you can elect to change that rate on an item-by-item basis either via the Global Product Editor or by editing each individual item. If you don't have a shop-wide discount set, you can use the item-by-item process to turn on comment discounts for a select number of your items. The rate you set on an item-by-item basis can be higher or lower than your shop's default rate (if you have one set), meaning you can give bigger discounts on some items or even turn it off completely for others.

Setting the Comment Discount Rate with the Global Product Editor

To set the comment discount rate using the Global Product Editor just select the item or group of items that you want to edit and choose the "Product Comment Discounts" option. You have two choices; you can set a custom rate for the items you've chosen or you can set the items to use the default shop rate. If you've set a custom rate in the past for some items and want to set them all back to the default shop rate, the Global Product Editor is the best tool for the job.

Setting the Comment Discount Rate on the List New Item or Edit Item Page

When listing or editing an item you can find the custom comment discount rate box under the "Settings" section. Here you have the same option as the Global Product Editor, with the only difference being that the edit will only apply to a single item.