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Item Promo Labels Posted On: 05/08/2012 Last Updated: 12/11/2014

Item Promo Labels - Help Guide

A "Promo Label" adds a special promotional label to your item's image as it appears on the front page, gift guides, search results and category browsing. The label gives you the opportunity to tell a potential customer that you are offering a special deal on a particular item (or even your entire shop!). You can use your item's promo box and/or shop announcement to communicate a sale in your shop to your customers as well.

When you turn the Promo Label on for an item, we add that information to the item page to further communicate to your customers which item has a promotion associated with it.


In order to use a Promo Label you must ensure that the promotion you're offering meets the requirements for the use of a particular label:

Free Shipping - Primary Shipping cost must be $0.00 for shipping within the United States.

Buy One Get One Free - There is not currently a coupon that can run this deal. If you use this Promo Label, you must include two of the purchased item, or one of equal or lesser value based on communication with your customer.

Coupon - To use this Promo Label you must offer a coupon that is easy to find for your customers. Putting it In you shop announcement, as a widget, and/or globally editing it into all applicable promotion descriptions is recommended.

Free Gift - To use this Promo Label you must clearly demonstrate via your announcement, item promotion, or other area that a free gift of some reasonable value (likely more than an extra "sample" or similar) will be included with the purchase.

Sale - To use this Promo Label you must discount the item(s) for your shoppers by some amount. Using Sales Mode for this is encouraged.