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Posted On: 10/18/2012 Last Updated: 10/18/2012


Congratulations! Your new shop has been created.


Hi , thank you for joining the ArtFire community!

Congratulations! Your new ArtFire shop has been created and your account has been upgraded to give you all the tools and features you need to manage and grow your new business! We are honored that you chose ArtFire to help you achieve your business success!

My team and I take a unique approach to how we work with members here at ArtFire. I was an online merchant myself for many years, so I understand first-hand the challenges you face when building and growing an online business. Our mission is two-fold:

  • Provide the best in tools, functionality, training, and service to give your business as many advantages as possible.
  • Draw in a large and diverse crowd of buyers looking for your wares.

I encourage you to read our Quick Start Guide and see our list of Help Guides below. Also be sure to check out the Forums to say hello to your new community! If we can help in any way, please send an email to and again, welcome to ArtFire!

John Jacobs
President and CEO,


Customize your design, meet fellow sellers, and start selling today!


Getting Started - Shop Setup

On your MyArtFire Dashboard (the page you're taken to after logging in) you'll find 6 recomended steps that you should complete before you begin selling. Each step links to the area of your MyArtFire Control Panel you'll need to visit to complete the step and each step has a help guide avaliable if needed.

The Community Forums

ArtFire is a bustling and diverse marketplace of sellers ranging from the the inexperienced to the veteran. We encourage you to introduce yourself, ask questions, and get to know your fellow ArtFire shop owners in the ArtFire community forums.

The ArtFire Help Center

If you need any help along the way the ArtFire Help Center is a great resouce for learning about the ins and outs of ArtFire. You can get to the help center anytime by clicking on the Help tab in your My ArtFire Control Panel.