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Posted On: 11/21/2013 Last Updated: 03/21/2014

A little about us

Founded in 2008, we are a small Tucson, AZ based company with about 10 employees, with a passion for handmade, art, and indie business. As an interactive handmade marketplace & craft community, our mission is to support your business & your brand with innovative features and functions. We are an e-commerce company, and we focus on the support of our member's needs by taking a service first approach.

Meet the team ... that keeps the fire burning.

Meet the Staff

John A. Jacobs - CEO
John is a Tucson native and has founded numerous successful arts companies, including the largest jewelry supply company on eBay, offering more than 65,000 auctions weekly, before launching John holds an MBA in Intern &tional Business and is a veteran of the USAF. He has developed educational materials, tools & product lines in the craft hobby space. He serves on numerous civic & advisory committees for merchant & arts groups, and the City of Tucson.
Tony Ford - COO Artfire
Tony has held executive and leadership positions with Fortune 15 companies, manufacturers, media firms and non-profits and arts organizations He holds an MBA in International Business and BA in Public Affairs. He is a certified SCRUM Master, a 360 leadership coach, and is well-versed in new media, marketing and project management. Tony has served as adjunct faculty at the University of Arizona, as a media consultant for the US State Department and as an arts liaison with the Arizona State Legislature. He is currently the Emerging Technology Consultant for the Craft and Hobby Association of America.
Kyle Melik - Developer
Kyle is the original architect of He has been with ArtFire for five years now. His main responsibility is to administer the hardware stack at our co-location facility. He also contributes to the software development of along with our team of developers.

In Kyle’s free time he enjoys hiking and PC gaming. His true passion is creating software, which crosses over into his hobbies as well.
Pete Peterson - Senior (Señor) Creative Engineer
“I'm one of my family's first generation born in the US. Although my cultural heritage is from Mexico, I don't look the part, and I get some interesting reactions when people hear me speak spanish,” says Pete.

Pete designs & creates the front-end which is what gets displayed on the browser. Pete started out as a general web developer, his background is in computer science, but he’s moved more into the creative side of the spectrum.

When he’s not at work he likes to paint, draw, read, & crash airplanes; RC model airplanes that is. He’s an avid RC pilot & builds most of his aircraft from scratch. He does all of this when he has time, as having a wife, two kids & three dogs keeps him pretty busy.
Jason McNeil - Full Stack Web Developer
Jason apparently wrangles tornados. Or at least that is the impression we get when he tries to explain exactly what he does. Honestly there's just a lot of head nodding whenever he gets started talking about how we use PHP and Node.JS to power our services. We've tried to find out what he does for fun, but again it was all server this, SAN that, Linux something... amateur radio? Yeah, so we aren't quite sure if everything he does is work, or just for fun.
Caleb Ford - Project Manager
If we listed all the things he's allegedly responsible for, you'd be appalled. Caleb has a BS in Business Administration, he originally hails from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and has lived in Tucson for the last 4 years. He'll tell you without blinking that he regularly swing dances and plays kickball.
Lisa Roden - Content Writer
Lisa has held many positions within the Tucson art community. From working with Marketing Consultant, Mary Virginia Swanson to printing exhibitions and hand made books for Ann Simmons Myers. She has also curated a variety of art exhibitions including the 2012 Kore Press Benefit Auction. Lisa has also written tutorials for Photojojo and continues to work as an assistant printing fine art photographs for Frances Murray Jones. Currently she is the Content Writer and Art Curator for Maker House. Her passion is photography and she has studied many different photographic processes.
Victoria Rendón - Social Media (& Media in general) Publisher
Victoria grew up in Nogales, the U.S./Mexico border town in southern Arizona. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Film & TV Studies, she holds great interest in video editing & post-production. During work hours, Victoria is in charge of posting engaging material on our many social media channels; as well as answering any questions or concerns addressed on those same accounts. Victoria gets to use her Film & TV skills to shoot & edit video for ArtFire, and ArtFire’s side project Maker House. Outside of work, Victoria enjoys discovering new movies to add to her Netflix Queue, reading, finding new recipes, & maintaining her new veggie garden.
Vanessa Ford - VP Public and Customer Relations
Vanessa was brought on in 2010 to oversee customer service. Her background is in theatre and interactive narrative, and she is currently in the dissertation stage of her doctoral work. She loves hanging with her three dogs, making miniatures, and obsessively rearranging the furniture in her house.