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Shop Merchandiser Posted On: 02/06/2015 Last Updated: 02/06/2015

ArtFire Shop Merchandiser

How does it work?

The ArtFire Merchandiser tool sets a custom order for products. You can set a custom order for products in your Main Section (the default 'section' in your shop that has all of your products in it) as well as for products in each of your custom sections.

Merchandiser Settings

  • Set Shop Display Order - By default your shop displays your newest items first. To use the custom merchandised order choose the Merchandised option.

  • Section Selector - You can create a custom order for products in each of your custom sections. When you have a section selected, you'll see all of the products associated with that section.

Moving Things Around

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop items to rearrange their position. Dropping an item inserts it into that position and other items shift as necessary to accommodate the newly positioned item. You can only drag and drop items on the page that you're viewing which can show up to 48 items per page.

Move Position

Each product shown in your Merchandiser has a position. The position number reflects your inventory (or section inventory) as a whole, not just the page that you're on. i.e. A product at the top of page 2 (when viewing 12 products per page) will show a position of 13.

The Move position option sends an item to the exact specified position. If you move an item to position 25, your item will show up: at the top of page 3 (when viewing 12 items per page), at the top of page 2 (when viewing 24 items per page), halfway down the page (when viewing 48 items per page).

Saving Changes

Changes are saved automatically as you make each move. There is no Save button.

Effect on Visual Catalog

The Visual Catalog uses an image from the first item in a section. If you have your shop's display order set to Merchandised and your using the Visual Catalog, the images for each section will be taken from the product in position 1 of that section.


  • With the masonry layout in shops (the pinterest style photo layout) there are going to be cases where an item doesn't appear in the exact order that has been saved.

  • There should be consistency for page views, meaning if a buyer is looking at 12 products per page, they'll be seeing the first 12 products in your custom order.

  • Shops with photos of the same dimensions will see less variance in terms of items appearing out of order.

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